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Regent briefed on progress in Aqaba Development Corporation projects

June 11, 2023
Regent briefed on progress in Aqaba Development Corporation projects

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Regent, on Sunday, checked on the progress of the Aqaba Development Corporation’s (ADC) projects and programmes.

Chairing a meeting at the company, Crown Prince Al Hussein was briefed by CEO Hussein Safadi on the ADC’s new cargo lines launched this year, targeting the US market with a 17 per cent increase in exports.

Safadi said the company has prepared a risk assessment study of the ports and the industrial area in Aqaba’s south, noting that work is underway to establish the Aqaba Digital Hub to provide a digital infrastructure that is up to international standards.

He added that the hub would benefit from the submarine cable connecting Asia and Europe, highlighting plans to launch the Aqaba corridor for agricultural food technology, which would extend over an area of 7 dunums west of King Hussein International Airport, with the aim of unleashing the potential of sustainable agri-tech in Jordan and promoting investment in this field, to bolster food security and create green job opportunities.

Safadi continued that ADC has also prepared a vision for launching a media hub in Aqaba to provide audiovisual production facilities, a vocational training institute, and residential buildings, to meet local and international market needs.

Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority Chief Commissioner Nayef Al Fayez attended the meeting.