His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II Royal Standard

The flag of the Crown Prince is unique. It consists of segmented rays of black, white, red and green bands that are connected by a white seven pointed star encompassing a silver crown.

The colors of the Crown Prince's flag are the Pan-Arab Colors as represented on the Jordanian Flag. Each of these colors is representative of a particular Islamic Caliphate dynasty wherein the Abbasid are represented by the black bands, the Umayyad by the white, and Fatimid by the green bands.

The green color has additional symbolism, in that it is traditionally associated with Islam and its followers. The red bands represent the Hashemite dynasty, and the Great Arab Revolt.

The seven-pointed star stands for the seven verses of the first surah in the Qur'an, and also stands for the unity of the Arab peoples. The Silver crown symbolizes the monarchy and represents HRH the Crown Prince and it is centered within the star to represent the Crown Prince as part of the Jordanian people.