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King, Crown Prince receive cables on occasion of Hijri New Year

August 30, 2019

His Majesty King Abdullah has received cables of well wishes from several leaders of Arab and Muslim countries on the occasion of the New Hijri Year.

King Abdullah also received cables from senior officials and officers in Jordan and representatives of civil society organisations.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II received similar cables on the occasion.

In the cables, the officials said the Hijra—marking the immigration of Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, to Medina Munawara from Mecca—was the start of a new phase in the history of the Islamic civilisation, based on the noble values of determination and righteousness.

They also praised His Majesty’s efforts to honour the values of Islam by instilling solidarity and cooperation among Jordanians, and highlighting the true image of Islam at various international forums as a religion rooted in moderation and tolerance.